Idealny obóz dla ciebie? Poczytaj po angielsku i dowiedz się!


Answer YES, NO or NOT SURE to the questions below. The answer will be your tip for choosing your camp!

  1. Sunday, you don’t go to school. The best way to relax is to stay home and watch TV.
  2. You don’t have to do sport every day.
  3. During holidays you can read a book.
  4. During the trip you can walk or ride a bike but not all day long.
  5. Other people should organize everything for you.
  6. During holidays you should live comfortably.
  7. Remember! You don’t have to be tired during holidays.



Policz, których odpowiedzi miałeś najwięcej!

Mostly: YES

You can work hard but later on you need a break. If you spend holidays in a place where you have to do too much, you won’t be very happy. Some duties? Of course but you like relaxing as well. Language camp would be perfect for you.

Mostly: NOT SURE

You want your holidays to be intensive but you like comfort as well. Good for you! You can relax while working! If you want to go to a summer camp, you have to think of a place where you will be able to work and rest. Choose a sailing camp (for beginners) or a riding-horse camp.

Mostly: NO

During holidays you have to be active as well. If you think of any camp, choose a survival camp. You will have to work all the time. Especially when you have to build your own tent (namiot), get food and find way back in a forest (las).